Best Garmin Watch Apps (2021)

Garmin has always been topping the charts when it comes to the hardware aspects of their smartwatches and fitness trainers. While their watches are awesome in terms of functionality and usability, they also offer great apps that go hand in hand with the features provided within.

The apps listed below will be categorized in various headings for you to choose which of them suits you the best. 


Garmin Pay:

Garmin Pay

It would be great to make payments without the hassle of taking your cards out of your wallet, right? Garmin Pay is the app you should be looking for to get rid of that hassle for you. It is quite a versatile and great contactless payment solution that just requires your smartwatch. 

The way it works is actually quite simple. All you need is the Garmin Connect on your phone and link your watch to the app. After that, you need to create a wallet in Garmin Pay which, of course, is password protected.

This wallet will be used to hold all the info about your cards whether they are MasterCard or Visa Cards. The information can be added manually while a smart scanning option is also available. Once your wallet is set, all the info is now stored in your smartwatch. 

Most of the banks that support the MasterCard and Visa will be supported by Garmin Pay as well. After the setup, all you have to do is to hold your wrist near a contactless card reader. That’s it.  

Barcode Wallet:

Barcode Wallet

Garmin Pay is great and works for the most part. What if you have some sort of customized card like a card for your favorite restaurant, a voucher for your shopping place, or a membership card for your club? Things that are exclusive only to a special place and area. That is exactly when the Barcode Wallet comes into play.

This Barcode Wallet can contain up to 16 barcodes, ready to be used when needed. This reduces the worry of having loads of cards in your pocket. It can even work without Wifi and does not require your smartphone to actually be in the vicinity of your Garmin watch.

All the codes are added and synchronized through the mobile app. This Barcode app works with every sort of barcode which can be conveniently added by scanning the card itself. However to manually add a barcode you have to be careful of the proper format of what barcode are you entering. 

This is a great app for gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts, especially runners who immediately feel the need to have something to replenish their health as it cuts the extra effort and is quite convenient. 

SmartThings Control:

Being able to have your cards and payment methods within the reach of your wrist is cool and all but, is it cooler than being able to control your house using the same watch? Garmin connect has a great app that allows you to take control of all the smart appliances in your house just using your favorite Garmin wristwear. 

This app can allow you to manage all sorts of smart home appliances. Either you walk into your home and want your lights to turn on or to turn your home cinema into movie mode, all can be done by adding routines to your watch through this app. The watch uses a Bluetooth connection to first connect to your mobile which in turn uses the SmartThings App in your mobile to control the smart appliances through Wifi. 

Routines can be added that can perform more than 2 functions simultaneously. For example, you can set a morning routine on the selection of which the lights and TV turn on. A daytime routine that turns the sound system on for your favorite music to be played. All in all, a must-have app to have for your Garmin watch.

AccuWeather MinuteCast:

AccuWeather MinuteCast

Now management for some might also mean managing the routine and everyday chores on the basis of whether it’s going to pour or not or if it is too hot to go outside today. So that is when AccuWeather MinuteCast comes into play. A perfect and accurate app for your Garmin Watch that will give you weather forecasts and updates within short intervals. 

The highlighting aspect of this weather and precipitation forecast is super accurate. They allow a free-to-use, minute-to-minute weather forecast that is available to their app users all around the world.

So this app surely helps Garmin users to plan ahead according to the weather forecast without any unwanted delays. Precipitation, temperature, wind speeds and every info can be utilized in advance to plan your running biking, or general travel routings, all through your Garmin Smartwatch. 

Installation of the app is again very straightforward and simple. All you have to do is to open up the Garmin connection and search for the AccuWeather MinuteCast. Once you have found it, you just need to install it, and then you are ready to go. You just need to find a suitable time and weather to plan your run and walks. 



How convenient would it be to be on a run and have all your favorite beats and podcasts in your smartwatch blasting through your headphones without having the need of your smartwatch?

Spotify provides just the right services for you. The catch is that you need to be subscribed to their premium services to have the world’s greatest artists playing on your wrist. 

So how this works is that you need to have Spotify installed on your phone as well as your Garmin smartwatch which can be done from the Connect IQ store.

Once this is done, login to your Spotify account on both phone and the smartwatch through Garmin Connect. After logging in to your account, it prompts you what tracks or playlists you want to sync. Synced tracks now can be viewed and played through the smartwatch. 

For playing the tracks, you can easily connect your favorite wireless headsets via the Bluetooth to provide that crisp and clear sound you would need in your runs and hikes. Spotify also allows for offline playback when you don’t have internet or data services. But remember, Spotify premium is a must which can be availed for 10$s a month. 

Amazon Music:

Amazon Music

Spotify might throw some people off because of having to pay for their Premium services to provide offline support on Garmin watches. Amazon jumps in the game by offering free music services to its prime users owning a Garmin Smartwatch. It has access to more than 2 million songs and about a 1000 playlists with music experts programming the stations. 

Registering and syncing your account with the watch app is also very simple and user friendly. You open up the app in your watch by navigating to the music bar and then select the Amazon Music. It gives you a code to be entered into your browser window.

After the account is synced to your watch, you can go ahead and navigate to your favorite playlist and download them into your watch, ready to be played without having the need of a phone. Just you, your watch and your headsets or earbuds.

One small problem with Amazon Music is that the download speeds are a bit slower than the Spotify but once they are done, music playback is just as effective. It is pretty cool as you don’t have to pay any extra money to avail the services. 

Strava Routes:


If you are a Garmin owner, then there is a decent amount of chance that you’ve heard of Strava. Strava is like the Apple of fitness and workout-related stuff. Which is the reason you should have their Strava Routes app built specifically to curb your navigation related needs. But one thing, it is recommended that you buy Strava premium to fully avail the app. 

The highlighting feature of Strava routes is the social connection you build with other riders and runners. Using Strava you can upload a track you like a lot to be used by other people or with your friends and family. Also if you are new to a place and want to go for a run, you can view tracks selected by the people local to that particular vicinity.

Even if you are looking for rougher or steep terrain, you can adjust the preferences and your route will automatically be adjusted accordingly. 

Now if you are skeptical about some of the features and are wondering whether they are even worth paying your hard-earned money for, there is also a free trial where you can enjoy all the features for a limited time before actually paying for them. 

Maps Nav:

Maps Nav

Now if you don’t want to pay for the apps like Strava but also want good navigational services just at your wrists. Maps Nav is quite the app for this purpose as it uses your device’s GPS and google maps to keep a track of your routes. One of the apps you must have on your Garmin Watch. 

Declared as one of the best apps for navigation, Maps Nav allows you to get directions directly from your smartwatch. It provides turn-by-turn navigation ensuring that you don’t detour and all that without constantly having to look at your smartphone.

There is also vibration feedback that activates whenever there is a change in direction. This app will surely help you in places that are unknown to you and you want to take the shortest path to your destination with proper turn-by-turn instructions. 

To install this app all you have to do is to first install NavGarmin on your phone. Then through this app you can easily install Maps Nav, ready to be used instantly. Make sure you have Google map notifications enabled for this app to guide you properly through your runs and tracks. 

Uber ETA:

Uber ETA

Now when we talk about navigation and tracking, it can be of you as well as something else. Uber ETA is a very convenient app that lets you perform major functionality right at your wrist in your favorite smartwatch. Getting the app is quite easy and it definitely is worth getting. 

As the name suggests, it is not the typical navigation app with maps and tracks. It is just an info giver about your ride, pickup, and drop-off points. Installing this app is pretty straightforward. You get the app from the Garmin IQ connect store and then after granting the permissions and signing in using the Uber mobile app, you are good to go. Just call an Uber using your phone and put it away in your pocket.

You still have to use the phone to call an Uber but that’s just about it. Once you have done that, the name of your driver, car model, and registration number are all displayed on your watch along with the estimated time of arrival of the driver.

If you have called Uber at a location other than your present one, you can see a compass-like pointer pointing to your pick-up location. After the ride has started you can see the arrival time again. 

Sleep as Android:

Sleep as Android

It is said that a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book. So better health monitoring also includes better sleep tracking. We’ve got just the app for you. Sleep as Android provides A to Z monitoring features along with alarms and vibration alerts. 

The app itself is quite useful and versatile. There are vibration alerts that go off in whatever way you customize them. It primarily uses the heart rate sensor and accelerometer of your Garmin watch which enables having more and better stats.

There is also a smart alarm that works with a CAPTCHA system that ensures that you get out of your bed to turn it off. Another nifty feature is the anti-snoring system which uses the mic of the phone and vibrates the watch to alert when you snore. 

To get the app make sure it is downloaded on your mobile first. After ensuring that, go to the Garmin Connect IQ store and search for Sleep. Tap to install and you are good to go. Sleep as Android is ready to monitor your dreams and sleep-wake cycle for you along with proper mapping and graphing services. 



Health and fitness are incomplete without testing the body to its limits. A proper map is needed to push the body with accurate mapping. The wearable power meter called Stryd is supported by Garmin. It will surely enable you to reach your personal best when it comes to running.

Stryd works by enabling you to concentrate and focus on your power instead of pace. The highlighting part is that you don’t need to have a GPS to monitor the power output. Which enables it to be used both indoors and outdoors. The app itself is very user-friendly and has vibrational and visual alerts while all the data is being conveniently displayed on the watch. It also enables you to execute workouts in terms of wattage. This is sort of a dream come true for the Stryd and Garmin users.

The Stryd connect IQ app can be downloaded and simply used to track your runs and up to 5 workouts. After you have downloaded the app, you have to sync it to get it on your watch. There is also support to import workout data from third-party apps. This app is perfect for those who take running very seriously

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