System Betting – A Beginner’s Guide

System Betting

Looking for a low risk betting strategy? Do you want to easily make a profit with your bet? Read our guide to find out how system betting works.

In this article, we will describe in detail how betting systems work and what are its advantages. First of all, it should be emphasized that system bets are a serious form of betting and that you will not get rich quickly by investing a few euros. In addition, professional betting systems require serious stakes, because system bets are nothing more than a series of different betting combinations. Many professional bettors make a lot of money playing system bets. In their opinion, the best betting systems are those with a smaller number of combinations, and most of them avoid systems with thousands of combinations. The reason for this is that with systems that have thousands of combinations, it is very difficult to make a profit in the long run, since the profit is divided according to the number of combinations.

It often happens that bettors do not even understand system bets and this can lead to problems. In this article, we wanted to present some of the most important things for a better understanding of betting systems:

  • Advantages of system bets compared to combination bets
  • How to calculate profit on system bets
  • Number of combinations in system bets
  • The amount of the required rate for refund and doubling of the stake and the potential profit on system bets with these rates
  • What are the best betting systems
  • Reasons why professional bettors prefer system betting
  • Profit on system bets

Since the system is a set of combined bets, and the winnings are calculated as a collection of winning combination tickets, we have prepared examples for you to better understand.

System Betting


Assume we play a 3 out of 5 system with odds of 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 without fixed pairs. Let’s say that 4 lines were won when depositing €100. The 3 out of 5 system has a total of 10 combinations. Basically we played 10 combinations for which we paid €10. This means that we paid €10 for hitting the first, second and third pairs on the lottery ticket (combination ABC). We paid €10 for hitting the first, second and fourth pair (ABD combination). Then the first, second and fifth and so on. We paid in 10 different lottery tickets with 3 winning pairs each and completed all possible combinations. We did this using a single ticket system so that the payoff of each combination was equal to (stake x odds x odds x odds) / 10.

If you hit 4 out of 5 pairs, you hit 4 out of 10 combinations and your total winnings on this combination ticket is just over €400. Regardless of which system it is, the total winnings are calculated in this way. However, with systems that have thousands of combinations, it is very difficult to calculate each combination individually, so we suggest you do it with the average winning odds.

This means in our example that with 4 of a kind we would take the average winning odds of 2.2 and calculate that the average winning hand is 106.48. I have four winning combinations, so the winnings are approximately 106.48 x 4 = 425.92. In this way we determined our profit with about 10% chance of error, but this system calculates very useful profits in those systems where we have more than 100 winning combinations.

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